Oklahoma artificial potted plant pack of 3

Okhlahoma Artificial Potted Plant Pack of 3

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Okhlahoma artificial succulents in pots pack of 3

Bring in a bit of desert greenery into your rooms with the Okhlahoma artificial succulents in pots pack from Forever Dried Flowers. Don't worry if you want to become a plant parent but don't have a green thumb. We have got your back.

Just order the Okhlahoma artificial succulents pack, and you will be set for a life of stress-free plant parenting.

Artificial succulent plants for interior designing

Our Okhlahoma artificial succulents pack comprises three different specimens. With a purple, light green, and a deeper green- you can create a colorful exhibit of desert flora at home. 

Place them on your mantle, or create an arrangement on your center table. If you want to go the extra mile, get glass pebbles and colored stones to spruce it up. Select a ceramic or earthenware tray, arrange your rocks on it, and place the small artificial succulents in a cluster on it. 

You can also experiment with creating different artificial succulent arrangements with our Okhlahoma pack. If you have a reading nook, you can also place them at a corner to make the space feel cozy and add some natural touch.

What’s more- you can simply line up your windowsill and find that your view has improved significantly.

Artificial succulent plant arrangements for your office

When you are working from home, things may get a bit monotonous. Add some color to your workspace with our Okhlahoma artificial succulent plants. Your eyes will have a soothing patch of green to rest on when staring at the screen becomes tiresome. 

The Okhlahoma set of artificial succulents is also great for dressing up a studio. Add them as a corner detail, or place them next to your workstation. You can create your own indoor oasis by experimenting with different installations or adding other details to the arrangements. 

You can place these artificial succulents on your table or in your cubicle if you are working from an office. They make for excellent workmates- and don't litter the space. 

Use these artificial potted succulent plants to add a sophisticated touch of greenery to your sitting area. You can create a dry flower arrangement for an elegant effect- and make your visitors feel more welcome.

They can also add some lively relief to large executive desks or boardroom tables.

Artificial succulents in white pots for gifting

If you are one of those people who panic over deciding on gifts, we have got your back. Our artificial succulent plants make for excellent gifts and suit EVERY event and occasion.

Be it Christmas or Thanksgiving, family gatherings, or get-togethers- you can always gift an artificial succulent set to your host. They are also equally versatile for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, or farewells.

The best part about gifting these succulents is that your near one can experience the joys of plant parenting minus the hassle. No more losing sleep over watering them right or cleaning up dried leaves.

Go right ahead if you decide to treat yourself to our Okhlahoma pack of artificial succulents. You can be a proud owner of a small arid indoor garden without having to slog away at it.

Where to buy artificial succulents?

If you are looking for faux mini succulents- look no further. We have just what you need. You can even opt for free installments if your order value falls between $50-$3000. This offer is available only on Shop Pay.

You can even opt for automatic deductions every two weeks for a more flexible payment plan. 

  • No hidden fees
  • Zero interest in installments
  • No impact on your credit score

Product Description:

  • Pack of three artificial indoor succulent plants
  • White pot
  • Size- 3’5- 4 inches
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  • Installments available