Ohio Small fake succulents in pots pack of 3

Ohio Small Fake Succulents in Pots Pack of 3

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Ohio Small fake succulents in pots pack of 3

Want to create your own patch of desert green inside? Get the Ohio small fake succulents pack from Forever Dried Flowers. The three potted plants can freshen up any room and need zero maintenance. Order yours today and become a proud plant parent without the stress.

Fake succulent plants for interior design

If you want to add some greenery to your room, you can use the Ohio fake succulents in a variety of ways. Make them the centerpiece of the table by clustering them together. 

Put them on a glass tray and make a bed of brightly colored stones or marbles for dramatic effect. For a more elegant look, dress up a dry flower arrangement with them. Add some eclectic materials like pinecones or dried twigs- and you will feel your room warm up.

Use them to create your own fairy alcove if you are a fey at heart. Place these mini fake succulents in a terrarium, add some dried flowers and pebbles around, and string it up with some fairy lights or LED lamps.

Or, you can line them up on your mantle or windowsill. You will find that your outside view has improved considerably with a border of soothing green under it. If you live in an apartment and are pressed for space, you can create a vertical garden with these realistic fake succulents.

Fake succulent arrangements for office spaces

You can use these fake potted succulents to decorate your office too. If you have a home office or a studio- use them to warm up the space. You can rest your eyes on them if you get tired of looking at your laptop.

You can use them to add a bit of green detail to the space in a studio. You can look at them when you want to free up your mind or feel like you need some inspiration to create. 

You can use them to warm up the reception or sitting area in your office. Create an arrangement on the center table, or line them up on the counter. These fake succulents in pots will make the place more inviting and help your visitors relax. 

Artificial succulent bouquets can also provide excellent relief to boardroom tables and executive desks. If you have your cabin or cubicle, you can keep them as your workmates. They don't need watering or cleaning up and add a personal green touch to the space.

If you have an open office plan, you can create an arrangement at the center or a common area for everyone to enjoy.

Mini fake succulent plants for gifts

If you are one of those who enter panic mode as soon as they have to think about gifts, we have your back. You can gift these fake succulents to anyone on any occasion. They are versatile for you to give them to both near formal acquaintances and suit every event.

These mini fake succulents are appropriate for every occasion, whether it is a token of remembrance during a farewell or a housewarming gift. You can gift them at Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries. 

The best part of gifting them is that the person receiving them does not have to worry about them withering away. They also don't need cleaning up after, nor do they become the breeding grounds for bugs or mosquitos, or any other type of pests.

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Product Description:

  • Pack of three artificial indoor succulent plants
  • White pot
  • Size- 3’5- 4 inches
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