New Mexico mini faux succulents pack of 3

New Mexico Faux Succulent Pack of 3

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Forever Dried Flower-New Mexico mini faux succulents pack of 3

What's a better representation of its nature than succulents when it comes to the dry, arid beauty of the American West? Or New Mexico mini faux succulents pack brings you a perfect collection of desert flora that can enliven any room.

Our faux succulents are the perfect way to capture the beauty of the arid countryside. With two reds and one green, our faux potted succulents can help you recreate a colorful miniature oasis indoors.

Faux succulent arrangements for plant parents everywhere

Are you a nature lover? Do you love to be surrounded by plants but have no time for gardening? Do you want to have plants around you without rushing home from your date in a panic because you forgot to water your leafy roommates?

We hear you. That is why we have created our faux succulent plants. They are perfect for those aspiring plant parents who are pressed for time and want an evergreen companion to come home to. 

Our small faux succulents do not need watering and do not shed their leaves that require cleaning. They can brighten up any room or space they are in, and you will never lose sleep over them. You can be sure that they will never become the nesting ground for pesky pests, and there is no danger of dirt spilling around them.

Best faux succulent plants for decorating your home

When it comes to decorating our homes- who doesn’t love a touch of green? Yes, you can always get a potted plant or a green creeper, but don’t you want to go for something a bit unconventional?

You should consider decorating your room with faux succulent plants instead. Desert plants are an uncommon choice- and they go with a variety of themes. They are perfect if your décor is minimal, and they can help you tone down the effect if your theme is a little extra.

With our New Mexico mini faux succulents, you can create eye-catching arrangements in your room. Place them on the center table with some brightly colored rocks- or put them in a corner with some dried flowers: they will add a sophisticated look to your room.

You can also place them inside your terrarium to create a miniature wonderland. Or, line them up on your mantle or windowsill for an inconspicuously calming effect. 

Small faux succulent arrangements for office

Our faux succulents are especially suited for professional spaces. Whether placed at a workstation or cubicle, in the middle of a glass-top corporate table, or a setting in the sitting area- they make for soothing relief. They don't need maintenance and can go with a variety of themes.

As your cubicle mates- these succulents won’t need any tidying up. And you can be sure that they will never mess up your stuff. Even when you are working from home- you can place them near your workstation and add a refreshing touch to the area.

Mini faux succulents in pots as gifts

Of course, our potted succulents make for the best gifts. They can be given to anyone, anytime- and suit a variety of occasions. Whether as a farewell gift to a dear friend or a gift for Christmas, a housewarming party, or a birthday gift, these faux succulents are versatile options. 

And the person getting it will thank you for something so gorgeous and low maintenance. 

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Product Description:

  • Pack of three artificial indoor succulent plants
  • White pot
  • Size- 3’5- 4 inches
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