Montana Fake Succulent Plants pack of 3

Montana Fake Succulent Pack of 3

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Forever Dried Flower-Pack of 3 Montana fake succulent plants


Bring a bit of the rocky greens inside with our pack of Montana fake succulent plants. You can use them to enliven any space- and create your own personal zen garden inside. 

With our fake succulent plants- you can create a little desert oasis in your room. All you need is some sand, rocks, and colored pebbles. Use some dry flower arrangements to add extra detail, and place it in a sunlight corner. 

Our mini fake succulents are also perfect as coffee table decorations and make for great centerpieces in any sitting area. The Montana fake succulent plants come in red, green, and mauve- which complements any theme and adds a bit of understated color to any dry arrangement.

 If you want to create a faerie-lite nook in your home- get a terrarium, arrange our realistic fake succulents around it, get some glass pebbles, and add a string of fairy lights. You will create a glen that pixie dreams are made of. 

Small fake succulents for offices

What better cubicle-mate can you ask for than our potted succulents? They are low-maintenance, don't need watering, don't litter your desk, and freshen up your workspace without being intrusive. You can also use them to decorate your home office- and rest your eyes on them when you need a break from screen time.

Our fake potted succulents can serve as the perfect accent to your sitting area or reception. Place them at the center table or a nook in the corner- or line them up on the desk. You will add a bit of sophisticated greenery to the area without overwhelming your visitors.

Fake succulents in pots make the best gifts

Deciding on gifts is often an exhausting activity. You never know what is appropriate, and you are always wondering whether your friend will appreciate it. Good news for you- because our mini fake succulent plants are the most versatile gifts you can get for anyone.

Whether it is an anniversary or birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving, a housewarming or a farewell- these fake succulent arrangements will never look out of place as a gift anywhere. The best part is- the person you are gifting them to won’t stress over them withering.

Fake succulents for plant parents

Let's face it- we all love a little bit of green to rest our eyes on, but we don't have the time to create a garden. There are days when we have to skip showers and forget to water our plants in our busy lives. The Montana fake succulent plants are the perfect option for those who want some plants in their homes but are pressed for time.

They never dry up, are easy to maintain, and add a whiff of green (red and mauve) to the interiors. 

So, if you want to be a plant parent without the stress going with the responsibility- go for our realistic fake succulent arrangements. 

Where can I buy fake succulents?

Why, at Forever Dried Flowers, of course. You can order immediately and even opt for payment in installment-free options. This applies to all orders between $50-$3000 and Shop Pay. To make matters simple and convenient for you, you can opt for automatic deductions every two weeks.

No hidden fees

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No impact on your credit score

Automatic payments available every two weeks keep things flexible.

Product Description:

Pack of three artificial indoor succulent plants

White pot

Size- 3’5- 4 inches

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