Maine Fake Colorful Succulent Plants pack of 3

Maine Colorful Faux Succulent Pack of 3

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Buy Maine Fake Colorful Succulent Plants pack of 3

What better way to bring in a bit of sunshine in your rooms than some desert succulents? Our Maine Fake Colorful Succulent Plants pack of 3 gives you exactly that- without the stress that comes with plant parenting.

Our mini fake succulent plants can enliven any room and help you create a miniature oasis inside. You can use them to deck up your zen gardens, dry flower arrangements, and terrariums.

Mini Fake succulents for gifting

Are you one of those for whom buying a gift is a chore? Well- our mini fake succulents are the perfect solution to your problem. Succulents make for excellent gifts and are versatile. Any occasion, any person- they are always appropriate.

Whether birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, or farewells- these mini artificial succulent plants are perfect for commemorating the occasion. You can also give them to someone as a token of appreciation or a souvenir to remember you by. 

Mini potted artificial succulents for interior decoration

If you want to brighten up your room- there is nothing like these fake succulents. You can make the centerpiece of your table. You have to add some stones or glass pebbles or place them in a showy tray filled with sand.

You can also line them up on your mantle or use them to warm up your little nooks. The good thing about them is that they are silent and make for the best reading companions.

Get fancy with your terrarium by adding these colorful succulent plants to it. Add a string of fairy lights to the arrangement, and it will be a perfect recreation of a fairy alcove inside. 

Rare colorful succulents for decorating the office

Do you work from home? Or are you an office worker? Or do you work at a studio? 

No matter what your workspace looks like- you can add a personal touch to it with our Maine Fake Colorful Succulent Plants pack of 3. Coming in green and pink- these plants can make your space seem fresh and colorful.

Create an arrangement near your reception, or place them at your center table. You can even put them on a board room table with some glass pebbles and polished rocks. Your visitors will feel welcome by that little patch of greenery.

You can keep these mini potted faux succulents near your laptop if you are working from a cubicle or a desk. They will be a nice patch to rest your eyes on when staring at the screen gets too overwhelming.

The best part about these workmates? They don't need to clean up and never give out your secrets.

Artificial colorful succulent arrangements with zero maintenance

Who doesn’t love to look at a bit of nature? But not everyone can handle the stress of keeping a plant- or have time for actual gardening. Our artificial succulents let you become a plant parent without dealing with the stress.

You don’t need to worry about watering them or cleaning up after them. These artificial potted succulents will never wither and will keep your room looking fresh.

So, whether it is decoration your center table or lining up your windowsill- our colorful succulent arrangements will be the perfect addition to your homes.

Where to buy colored succulents?

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Product Description:

Pack of three artificial indoor succulent plants

White pot

Size- 3’5- 4 inches

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