Alabama Realistic Fake Succulents pack of 3

Alabama Realistic Fake Succulents Pack of 3

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Buy Alabama Realistic Fake Succulents pack of 3

The lush green forests of Alabama inspired us to create our Alabama realistic fake succulents pack. With three realistic green artificial succulent plants- you can add a dash of greenery to your interiors and become a plant parent without stress.

Realistic artificial succulents for decoration

Our artificial succulents can help you create your own oasis inside the four walls. You can line them up on your fireplace mantle, table or arrange them on a side table. Place them on an earthen, rustic-looking tray, add some glass pebbles, colored rocks, and some dry flowers. You will have a subtly beautiful arrangement that will add some elegance to your room.

You can also use our realistic faux succulents to create your own zen garden. Deck up your terrarium with our fake succulents, and string it up with some fairy lights or decorative LEDs. You will have your own woodland grove for the faeries to light up your room.

Fake succulents that look real- and let you be a plant parent

One of the best things about realistic artificial succulents is that they let you be a plant parent without the stress. You don't have to worry about your plants withering or lose sleep over not watering them on time. You can also forget about cleaning up the leaves or pests nesting in the foliage.

Our artificial succulent plants are no maintenance and can enliven any space they occupy. You can create an evergreen oasis inside and make stylish decorative arrangements with them. You can rest your eyes on them and refresh your mood by looking at them.

If you have a special reading or "me-time" nook in your home, you can make it cozier with these realistic succulents.  That way, you can curl up with the essentials:

  • A great book
  • Comfy socks
  • Your cat
  • Your personal green patch.

Realistic artificial succulents as office decoration

When you have a professional space- succulents are the best type of greenery to dress it up. And if you choose our realistic artificial succulent plants for that purpose- you don't have to worry about maintenance either.

You can use the Alabama Realistic Fake Succulent pack to create a great dry flora arrangement. This can feel at home at both your sitting area or boardroom table. You can even use them to warm up an executive desk in a private cabin.

If you have your own cubicle or are working from home, you can hire these realistic faux succulents as your workmates. They don't litter, know when to stay silent, and are always there for you. They can make for a nice change of scenery when the screen time starts burning your eyes.

Realistic artificial succulent plants for gifting

The best part about our fake succulents? They make for great gifts.

If you are one of those people who are always on the verge of panic trying to decide whether your gift is appropriate for the occasion- here is the solution to your woes. Our faux succulents suit every event and can be gifted to anyone.

Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, housewarming, farewell, or just a simple get-together- our succulents never look out of place as gifts. They need zero maintenance- so the person you gift them to has nothing to stress over. And, they can use them in a variety of ways to enliven any space.

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Product Description:

  • Pack of three artificial indoor succulent plants
  • White pot
  • Size- 3’5- 4 inches
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