Why Are Dried Flowers the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion?

Bunches of dried flowers

Finding the perfect gift sounds easy, but it's not. Like most of us, you probably end up procrastinating buying a gift and end up with something impersonal that doesn't allow you to show just how much someone means to you.

Dried flower arrangements and bouquets can solve that problem. Here's why you should choose dried flowers as your next gift.

They're Budget Friendly

Finding a meaningful gift isn't that easy. So, if you're on a tight budget but still want to treat your loved ones, consider buying them a bouquet or an arrangement of dried flowers.

Dried flowers are less expensive than fresh ones, and many floral shops can curate customized arrangements according to your preferences. Be it an anniversary, a coworker's birthday, or graduation, dried flowers are a unique gift that won't break your bank.

They're Versatile

Dried flowers are the perfect gift because of their versatility. Each flower has a different meaning, emotion, and message behind it. For example, lilies convey condolences, red roses portray romantic love, white roses signify friendship, and more. A good rule of thumb is to do a little bit of research on what flowers mean before you buy a bouquet or arrangement so that you don't end up friend-zoned by someone you were trying to court!

Pink stemmed dried flowers

They're Long-lasting

Dried flowers are the perfect gift because they're super long-lasting. If stored under the right conditions, dried flowers can last from anywhere between three to four years! If kept in an airtight container, dried flowers can last up to a decade.

However, to ensure a longer lifespan, they must be taken care of. Though they require little maintenance, dried flowers should be cleaned gently with a blow drier to remove any dust. Store them in a place that doesn't receive direct sunlight to avoid fading and where there's little humidity to prevent mold growth. If you take care of your dried flower arrangements, we guarantee that they'll last you a while! 

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