The Best Dried Flowers for Your Home Décor

If you're someone who loves green, but fails miserably at keeping it alive for more than a week, Forever Dried LLC has the solution for you — dried flowers as home décor elements. It's hard keeping up with the expenses of fresh-cut flowers every 7 to 12 days, but lucky for you, dried flowers last as much as three years.

Yes, these dried flowers are Instagram friendly, which may also have been the most prominent reason for their overnight popularity. Decorate your sustainable home with these best-dried flowers that ace the home décor category:

1.    Bunny Tail Grass

The Bunny Tail Grass looks just as adorable as its name. It makes for a great decorative ornament within the house with a 60-centimeter height and fluffy teardrop tufts that look much like the rabbit's tail. Available in early tones of beige, pale, and ivory white, this is a drought-tolerant ornament grass that complements the minimalist home with a modern touch. 

2.    Pampas Grass

Add a touch of elegance with Pampas grass that adds the wow factor in dull-looking vases. Pampas grass is one of the bestselling products on the market as well as an Instagram favorite for homes and weddings alike. It's a cost-effective add-on to bouquets and bunches that makes for quite the statement!

3.    Billy Buttons

The Billy Buttons make for an interesting focal point within the room. Known as Craspedia, the native Australian flower looks much like a globe fixed upon a sturdy stem. These Billy Balls are the size of small tennis balls that occur in a range of colors. The good news is that these flowers can retain their bright colors despite being dried and pressed. It's hard to go wrong with this easy-going flower.

4.    Cotton Flower Stems

If we had to name all things comforting in life, a dried flower bouquet that features cotton flower stems would top our list. Put it inside of a glass vase for it to make an interesting decorative element in your office or at home. For best results, pair the cotton flower stems with dried flowers and dried grasses.

Your one-stop-shop for dried flowers is Forever Dried LLC in Fairbanks, Alaska. We hate to brag, but we truly make the best of dried flower wedding bouquets and bunches for delivering across the United States of America. We also custom-made dried bridal bouquets complying with minute details the client has provided. Our collection also includes a wide range of cactus and succulent plants, wildflower bouquets, dried grass, and mini pampas in Natural, Black, White, and Purple, as well as other dried flower gifts that remain available around the year.