Stunning Dried Bridal Bouquets for Your Special Day

The only ornament you need to wear on your big day is your happy smile—and a bouquet of dried roses! Dried roses carry a lot more timeless charm, elegance, and good vibes to your wedding day.

Here are some of our winning bouquets that you need to get for your wedding day:





If you want your wedding bouquet to provide a striking contrast to your pearl white dress, red is never a bad choice. Just wear some juice red lipstick and see how it adds so much more grace to your overall attire and appearance. When it comes to red, Sylvia is a winning choice and never goes out of style.


It strikes a sweet balance between classy, sassy, and sober! This powerhouse bouquet comprises all the flowers that a bride really wants. There are a couple of bright ideas, a bunch of dark roses, some light Valeria, and lots of white cotton bud blooms to tie it all together! In short, the bouquet has something or the other for everyone’s liking. It has all the natural colors to make you feel like you truly own the entire wedding look.





If you’re getting married on a warm, sunny, and pleasant day, we recommend a lot of yellows to your bridal bouquet. Yellow is undeniably the color of cheerfulness, happiness, and warmth. Yellow flowers signify the sunshine that brightens up our day. This is why Mira is one of our most sought-after bouquets for summer weddings.


Mira is a wonderful blend of Valeria, daisies, cotton bud blooms, and cones. However, these are all brightly colored in yellow and illuminate a lot of happy ambiances—just what a bride needs on her big day!



Pink is the color of femininity, compassion, love, kindness, and calming! Even though the color pink is associated with all things girly, it also tends to give off very relaxing and sweet vibes. At the same time, pink is also considered very romantic—one of the reasons most brides choose pink bouquets for your big day. Pink signifies all things good, and this is the kind of vibe we want you to carry on your wedding day.


Valeria is all things pink! It’s an intricate arrangement of some of the choicest daisies, Valerian blooms, and strobila. You can also find some occasional cones here and there. The sweet pink and white hues make this bouquet a lot easier on the eyes and very pleasant to hold!


The good news is that the dried flower bridal bouquets at Forever Dried LLC have been naturally dried, packed, and arranged by experts. Our team puts in a lot of effort in arranging and decorating the flowers in an intricate manner.


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