How to Spruce Up Your Décor Without Spending Big Bucks

Setting up your home is a very personally rewarding experience. The more effort you put into it, the better the final results look! It doesn’t always involve a lot of money. Log onto Pinterest, get some inspo, and bring you’re a-game forward.

Here are a few ideas:


Get a little creative


A house decorated with dried flowers.

You don’t need to buy everything that your new home needs from expensive and fancy stores. At times, being a little creative and DIYing your way through the project can really help you save up on a lot of bucks. Besides, when you opt for DIY art and home décor, you get to incorporate a bit of your personality into the space. It truly becomes a reflection of who you are.


Look around the house and see if you have any old glass bottles, mirrors, and half-painted art lying around. Pick up the mirror and paint it all over to give it a renewed look. You can also take a spool of jute twine and wrap it around the mirror to create unique patterns. If you have any unfinished art pieces lying around, rework them and see if you can breathe some fresh air into them.



A house decorated with dried flowers.


Add flowers!


You can always turn your glass bottles into mini vases and add a flowery element to the décor. Add a bunch of dried flowers to the glass bottles and see how they end up blooming and adding vibrancy to the space.


Spend a lot of time on Google and YouTube and learn the art of flower arrangements. You can experiment with different variants and colors to create an arrangement that really stands out and blends in well with the rest of the décor. Even a little flowery touch can add a lot of vibrancy to the entire room.

How to add dried flowers to home décor?


You can use dried flowers to accessorize the bathroom or the windowsill in your kitchen. If you can’t afford to buy a vase, just put those apothecary jars up to some good use. Otherwise, you can also recycle any old bowls and convert them into a small room for your bouquet.


Here’s a better idea: hang the dried ceilings from your ceiling and tie them using colored strings. You can also put up temporary hooks and bars to hold the flowers in place. This will not only make the ceiling look very aesthetically pleasing but also very artistic. To make it look even better, add a bunch of fairy lights to the ceiling to match the flowers.


If you’re not big on DIY, you can even buy a ready-made wreath or bouquet and place it somewhere it really stands out. Trust us, they’re pretty affordable and easily available online.


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