How Are Dried Flowers Made

Flower arrangements

Dried flowers are one of the biggest trends of 2021, and next year looks no different. A thoughtful, unique, and sentimental gift, dried flowers add a touch of modern elegance to a home.

Whether you want to make a dried flower arrangement for your home or curate a personalized bouquet for a special occasion, here are some great ways to dry your flowers at home!

Air-Drying Technique

Traditional yet time-consuming, air drying flowers is the most common way to make dried flower arrangements. To dry most types of flowers, simply let nature work its course. For those flowers with sturdier stems such as hydrangeas, leave them in an empty vase in an area with little to no humidity. Hang them upside down to prevent drooping, and pick out those flowers that aren’t fully bloomed as of yet.

Get rid of all the excess foliage, and bunch your flowers into bundles, using a string to hang them upside down. You’ll know when the process is complete because the flowers will feel stiff to touch.

A dried flower and leaf

Microwave Technique

Efficient and easy, the microwaving technique is a quick fix for anyone looking to dry flowers on a time crunch. Pick flowers before they’ve opened up, and cover them with silica sand or cornmeal and sodium borate. Turn the microwave on, warm for a minute, and check to see whether or not they’ve dried. If not, warm them for an additional thirty seconds, and let the flowers stay in the mixture for another 24 hours to complete the process.

Silica Gel Method

Silica gel has many uses, one of them being drying flowers. To preserve your flowers in top condition, insert flowers in a container full of the gel. Snip the stem below the flower head, dry them and join them together using glue. Place the flowers in the container, and leave for a couple of days. Afterward, remove the flowers, turn them upside down, clean them with a light brush, and voila! Dried flowers for days.

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