Here’s why Dried Florals Are Making a Comeback!

One minute, dried florals were featured on Vogue, the next, they spread across Instagram like wildfire. Not just the Instagram feed, dried flowers have crept up into our lives as a trend at weddings, commercial and residential interiors, and tons of other places. Etsy was kind enough to report a 93 percent hike in dried flowers during the last six months.

What are Dried Flowers Like?

They may be dead, but they’ve made a chic comeback that the audience is not complaining about. Mostly because they’re cheaper than fresh flowers, last much longer, and are highly sustainable. It’s the science of preserving the flower in the truest form by oven-drying, air drying, pressing, treating with glycerin, or professionally freezing the plant dry. Florists have been enjoying the perks of this innovative discovery, as they can now go easy on transporting flowers that have been grown abroad —i.e., not having to spend a fortune on temperature control air cargo.

Why is the Audience Enjoying the Comeback?

Dried flowers make for a gorgeous setup with the added benefit of not accounting for a six-digit sum on your statement. There are many styles and colors for dried flower bouquets, making them blend into a range of themes. Plus, they make it through days of scorching heat and sun with a vibe that’s easy on the eyes. Indulge in dried flowers for the décor around the arches, backdrop, and vases. Or throw a few flowers into your hair to spice up your hairdo. The possibilities remain next to endless. You could also garnish food and drinks with a certain variety of dried flowers — you’re about to produce your seven-star cuisine with this tip senior!

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