Gorgeous Dried Flower Bunches for Your Minimalist Home

You don’t need to break a bank and hire the most expensive interior designers to set up your new place. As long as you have the right ideas and know where to go, you can add a lot of style and grace to your minimalistic home. The key is to start with dried flowers.


Here are a bunch of ideas:



Acroclinium natural white


Acroclinium natural white


If you’re setting the tone of your house around whites and off-whites, this is the right choice for you. These gorgeous whites belong to the family of daisies and carry a very garden-fresh feeling. Ideally, these are considered a great alternative to sunflowers and roses for those who prefer the pearly whites.


The Acroclinium natural white comprises a gorgeous yellow center surrounded by white petals. The green leaves and stalks not only help break the monotony but also add a feeling of naturalness to the entire décor.


The Acroclinium natural white dried flowers are currently selling at a discount at Forever Dried LLC and are available in the form of a bunch, all 20” long.



A bunch of dried sunflowers

Dried sunflowers


Sunflowers are known for their cheerfulness and happy vibes! They instantly add a lot of liveliness and vibrancy to any living space. However, we believe that dried sunflowers are always a better choice.


They’re extremely low maintenance, far more sustainable, and offer good value for money. Sunflowers are also known as a very natural representation of the guardian of the galaxy! They’re known for their bright and happy colors and ability to liven up all sorts of occasions.


The dried sunflowers at Forever Dried LLC are sourced straight from the Dutch heartland and later dried and preserved according to the latest industry standards. These are available in a pack of 5 with sizes ranging between 20" and 24".




If you’re looking to add a pop of different colors to your interior space, Avena is a perfect choice. This dried beauty Is available in a number of color options, the most popular of which are white, yellow, baby pink, and taro purple. Whether you want your wedding arrangement decked up with these beauties or just want a bunch of flowers to add zing to your everyday lives, Avena is a perfect choice.


The Dutch Avena Sativa is simply known as Oats and is created from naturally dried stems. The yellow variants are particularly popular for home décor since they can liven up and add a lot of extra cheerfulness to any space. The sun-kissed yellow hue also makes the Avena a great alternative to sunflowers. On the other hand, the baby pink bunches would look really cute in a vase somewhere on your bookshelf.


The good news is that all of the above-mentioned dried beauties are now selling at a hefty discount at Forever Dried LLC. Place an order to add an extra element of charm to your floral styling. We take pride in being one of the most sought-after online dried flowers stores in the country.