Dried Flower Arrangement Ideas

A painting of dried flower arrangement

Dried flowers are beautiful—  they add a rustic, woodsy touch to a home and make an area stand out. Gone are the days of colorful fresh flower bouquets lighting up a room; now, it’s all about modern, muted earthy tones. Here are some awesome dried flower arrangement ideas you should try out next.

Make A Wreath

When it’s the holiday season, and you want your home to stand out from the crowd, consider making a wreath out of dried flowers. All you need to do is to wire small bundles of the same color in a circular metal form. Make your way from light flowers to dark to add an element of depth to your wreath. If you want to be more unique, we suggest adding leaves, ferns, and dried straws— they’ll add a more untamed ombre look, and top it all off with a ribbon made from velvet!

An arrangement of flowers and ferns

Tabletop Décor

Dried flowers are perfect for tabletop décor. They last much longer than fresh flowers and require little to no maintenance. For a breezy, modern look, we suggest that you line up a couple of vases on your table. Add dried ferns, lilies, stems, leaves, Italian Ruscus— basically, any flowers that you want. However, remember that since you’re placing these arrangements on the dinner table, the arrangement shouldn’t be too high. We mean, you wouldn’t want your guests doing the cirque du Soleil just to get a peek at each other’s faces across the table!

Framed Dried Flowers

For a unique arrangement, we suggest that you press and frame your dried flowers. Unique, beautiful and sentimental, framed dried flowers can capture and seal a sentiment forever. Affordable and an easy DIY project, simply press your dried flowers and glue them to some paper before framing them.

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