Different Rose Colors and What They Mean

Known for their incredible beauty, roses are a sight for sore eyes. Unfortunately, many people exclusively buy red roses and disregard the dozens of other colors available. While red roses are beautiful in their own right, they don’t do justice to the full spectrum of stunning rose colors and variations. In this blog, we’ll highlight the most popular rose colors (apart from red). We’ll also discuss their significance and symbolism. Continue reading.

1. Yellow

Yellow roses symbolize platonic love, a deep sense of appreciation, and warmth. They’re popularly delivered to loved ones (non-romantic friends and family members). Today, yellow roses are widely used in dried floral arrangements across the world. Known for their cheery, joyous, and exuberant appeal, yellow roses enliven dull spaces.

We recommend buying a set of dried yellow roses and incorporating them into multi-colored floral arrangements for beautiful pops of color in your home. If your interior design is modern and minimalist, avoid opting for multi-colored roses. Instead, pair yellow roses with cream roses or use them as they are. Your home will look more inviting, appealing, and relaxing.

2. Peach

Peach roses symbolize sincerity, altruism, and gratitude. Their refreshing appeal makes them ideal for spaces that need more oomph and pizzazz. You can choose between different shades of peach. We recommend opting for lighter colors to avoid overwhelming your space with deep peach roses that appear orange.

Add a touch of warmth and liveliness to your home by opting for light, pastel peach roses. We recommend pairing them with white dried flowers for an added touch of serenity and tranquility. 

3. Cream

Cream roses are absolutely stunning. They’re also an extremely safe and worthwhile choice. Whether your home features bohemian design, rustic décor, modern accessories, minimalist furnishings, or transitional fixtures, a set of gorgeous cream roses will fit right in.

These versatile roses complement any space, no matter how eclectic or simple it may be. If you really want to add a pop of color to your home, pair cream roses with dried lavender flowers.

Each of these three varieties of roses are excellent gift options for loved ones. When paired with dried grasses and pampas or dried fern leaves, they look even more exquisite, luxe, sophisticated, and sumptuous. If you’re looking for dried flower bunches and bouquets, we’ve got a wide collection for you to choose from! We also stock beautiful succulents that pair nicely with dried flowers.

Start exploring our collection to find something that’s right up your alley! And if you prefer classic red roses, treat your home to a pair of our bestselling dried red roses. While branching out of your comfort zone is important, the classics are often too good to be overlooked.

As you browse through our collection, you’ll also find pampas in a wide range of colors, including green, purple, yellow, white, and black. In addition, you’ll find dried bunny tail grass in turquoise, lavender, yellow, white, and baby pink.

Start finding your favorites so you can kick-start your upcoming floral arrangement project for your home or as a present for a loved one. Enjoy!