Achieving a Bohemian-Style Home Interior: A Guide

A bohemian-styled home has gained popularity as people try to make their place more home-y. You can decorate your house with interesting items that are eccentric and whimsical. In boho rooms, you will feel closer to nature as it incorporates natural colors. Its unconventional look comes from objects that have been collected from many parts of the world. You have the option to make the boho style your own and make it personal.

cozy interior of a bedroom

Light Hues

Bohemian styles are usually known for using lighter shades of all colors to make the room appear filled. Light bleached wooden furniture gives an airy and spacious look to your room. It is also a perfect background for the colors and accessories that you will use. If you use this strategy to decorate your space, you should remember to use one or two darker pieces that will help anchor your room.

A Variety of Textures

A major aspect of bohemian style is including various textures around your house. You can add texture in many ways. You can place baskets, planters, wooden furniture, books, and artwork around the rooms. You can hang tapestries on the walls, place throws and blankets on the sofas, adorn your pillows with different feels of covers.

Maximalism is the way you want to go. The loud style includes a bit of everything from multiple textures to various colors.

Decorate with Plants

Use plants around the rooms to bring a bit of nature into your living space. Plants can bring that jungle vibe that boho style tends to be inspired by. You can choose between potted plants, hanging plants, vining plants, and fresh flowers. If you are unable to find the time to look after live plants you can opt to get succulents, cacti, or dried flower bunches as well.

Layer with Rugs

Rugs are able to add texture, colors, and patterns to the room. You can even layer rugs or use multiple rugs together. You can buy handmade rugs with vintage designs to bring out the bohemian look. The rugs add a cozy feel to the room, which further accentuates the bohemian style.

Add Patterns

You can use colorful rugs, patterned curtains, bed covers, throws, and cushions to add patterns to your room. But you have to leave some gaps in your designs to give your eyes some rest, otherwise, it can result in a sensory overload.

So, if you have a large patterned and colorful rug in your room, you should keep the surrounding furniture in pale and nude colors. This applies to other similar large artwork such as murals and tapestries.

a bohemian styled dining room

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