A Thoughtful Gift for a Floral-Loving Friend

The much anticipated holiday season is around the corner, and it's time to express love, gratitude, and appreciation for friends and family members again. While recipients should be kind enough to appreciate any gesture that's made its way from your heart, Forever Dried has something special in store for your floral living friend — dried flowers.

Here's how dried flowers make for a thoughtful yet hassle-free gift for your friend:

1.    Availability

The best thing about dried flowers is that they remain in stores all year long, regardless of the season. Extra-large quantities of flowers are preserved without any great expense. You can continue to gaze on the arrangement for months and years afterward. Plus, they cost half as much as fresh-cut flowers — this makes dried flower bouquets an affordable option that holds its beautiful color and texture, making it ideal for anyone who has an eye for beauty. Moreover, they can be dried in a range of colors to fit the occasion.

2.    Allergy-Free Stems

Does your floral-loving friend get caught up with allergies often? This puts freshly cut flowers out of the question due to hay fever. But, what it doesn't outcast is dried flowers. Dried florals don't consist of pollen, which is the culprit for allergies. So, dried flowers are the only kind they can enjoy without allergic reactions. However, we do recommend avoiding moisture as it shortens their lifespan. You'll want to mind the lighting, so the colors of these dried flowers don't fade and dust occasionally to keep them looking fresh.

Flowers in a Vase- Pink.jpg

3.    Gift of Love

We don't know about you, but nothing says love like a gift of flowers — no matter how much we may have advanced technologically, dried flowers accompany iPhones and diamond rings alike. Giving someone a bouquet that has been preserved by a professional says long-lasting love like no other. Preserve if it for eternity, if you will, by securing them in a frame. If you didn't know this already, dried flowers can last anywhere between one to three years in comparison to fresh-cut flowers that wilt in no more than seven days.

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