A Guide to Incorporating Dried Flowers into Your Bullet Journal

For the longest time, bullet journaling has been known as one of the most effective ways to boost productivity. We are here to tell you that adding a floral element to the journal makes it a lot more exciting!


A decorative bullet journal

What makes bullet journaling important?


A bullet journal is a lot more than a diary. It helps you stay organized, save up small snippets of your everyday life, and have a sense of neatness in your life. A bullet journal helps you streamline your notes, to-do lists, tasks, and everything else that’s pending within a single organization system.


However, it’s more than just that. A bullet journal can quite literally be your saving grace. It keeps you mindful. By staying on top of your tasks, you’re able to focus on your future and stay ahead of the schedule. This makes you feel like you’re in control of your routine and are well on your way toward being more punctual and orderly.


How to make your bullet journal unique?


No one said that your BuJo has to follow a certain template you downloaded off the internet. You can go all out, be creative, and ensure that the journal is a true reflection of your personality. Set a theme for every month and follow it throughout for design coherence.


You can always add extra sections that you don’t normally find in bullet journals. Add a birthday page and log all the fun stuff you did on your birthday. You can always re-read this and feel happy about having a great life. Note down and track your sleep patterns, meal planning, and everyday accomplishments. You can also have a TV show tracker and write down everything you love about the show.


How to decorate your bullet journal with dried flowers?


Decorative bullet journals really stand out and help you channel your inner artist. There is a lot more to decorating a bullet journal than getting creative with your colored markers and glitter pens. Try dried flowers! They’re timelessly elegant, beautiful, and give a very whimsical feeling to your journal.


Decorating the bullet journal with a bunch of dried flowers is simple. Always pick dried flowers because the wet ones are prone to mold and mildew. The ones with a flat bud are easier to press against the journal pages.


Before pressing the flower, get rid of any unwanted leaves so the flower can lay flat on the paper. You might also need some help from a flower press. Let the flowers sit in for an hour or so before turning the pages. You can also use parchment paper or absorbent paper to press the flower.


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