5 Dried Flower Arrangement Ideas

Nothing says happy like fresh flowers. They’re a cheerful add-on to homes, but unfortunately, they don’t last more than 7 to 12 days. Buying a new bunch of flowers every few days isn’t too pocket-friendly, which is why this might be time to try out dried floral arrangements. On the contrary, dried flowers last for one to three years, with little to no maintenance. They remain preserved in beautiful colors and textures that remain available through the seasons. Here are dried floral arrangement ideas for the seasons.


As you gear up for hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll want to opt for an arrangement that looks stunning during the night. Throwing in dried ferns, dried grass, and pampas will help you add the hint that captures the audience with its dramatic beauty. If you’re done celebrating the season with this extravagant floral centerpiece, go orange! Nothing says fall floral-like marigolds.


For Halloween, go in with the pumpkin vase to celebrate this year’s Halloween in spirit. Scoop out the insides of your white or orange pumpkin and submerge a vase inside to keep your flowers upright. We’re talking pampas, ferns, and Billy buttons. Give yourself the full fall feel with oranges.

Valentine’s Day

We hate to label this, but this set really does it for any romantic date. Stick to the minimal with all-red roses for a floral arrangement. Alternatively, you could also mix light and dark colors to create a balance between airy and edgy. You can throw in classic candlesticks and a garland for the touch of lushness.


Opt for a millennial pink hue, with some green and brown inserts here and there to make the bouquet feel rustic for the winter season. A mixed floral arrangement aces the moodier feel with just a touch of grit. Something laid back and undone, loosely clustered in a vase, makes all things look chic.

Field Bouquet medium- Orange



Peony, anemone, ranunculus, lilac, dahlia, rose, sweet pea, orchid, tulip, and hydrangea classify as some of the most popular flowers for weddings. In addition, dried leaves and grass give a rustic vibe and ample textures that adapt to a range of wedding themes. When it comes to dried bridal flowers, the sky is the limit.

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